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~ Coach Ben ~
Lifestyle Coach
Mentor To Millionaires
Million Dollar Earner & Top Trainer 
So who is Coach Ben, really?

I'm a father of three amazing kids and happily married to the love of my life. I consider myself blessed in the family department. In school and business I've struggled and learned the hard way. Nothing has ever come easy for me.

For many years I struggled to provide for my family. I worked 3-4 jobs most of the time and just when things started to improve I lost everything as an agent and investor in the US real estate crash.

Fortunately I stumbled into the work from home/direct sales industry and 10 years later earn a nice 6-figure income at home. Getting to this point was not easy... like I said, I learn the hard way, but I never quit!
If you have a burning desire to live a better life, are open-minded and NOT a quitter, I can show you how to generate $3,000-$10,0000 or more weekly, starting immediately.

The bottom line is that I like helping people. Plain and simple. I like helping people build online businesses that don't take away from their family or personal life. This is truly a lifestyle business!  

I love my family and they're proud of me. No amount of money could ever make me do anything to risk losing their respect. I actually enjoy what I do and for over 10 years, I've built this business which I can be proud of. I value the friendships I've made in the home business arena, and I want you to be glad you got to know me.

Thanks to my online business, I've been able to establish a great way of life that is extremely rewarding. My wife and I are HUGE Seattle Seahawks fans and this system and business model allows us to just pick up and go whenever we feel like it (which is quite often) I have no commutes and I work from my home office. I get to decide who I work with, when I take days off, when I go on vacation with my famly. I am in complete control of my own time (very rare nowadays)! Having the TIME FREEDOM that business provides is ABSOLUTELY priceless!  

Using this EXACT system and business model, I've been fortunate enough to build a high 6 figure income. But more importantly, as a Success Coach I have also helped 100's of other people achieve similar results and that is something I am truly proud of because it is so gratifying to help other people fulfill their dreams.
I will be your personal Success Coach. Now I don't tell you that to impress you but rather to impress upon you that you are in the absolute best position possible to finally have success and make ALL of the Money You've Ever Wanted in the form of cashiers checks being sent directly to your front door ranging anywhere from $1500 on the low side all the way up to $15,750 using our 95% "DONE FOR YOU System!"

When you choose to join me, Coach Ben, here is my promise to you...

I Promise to NOT leave out any of my own personal Marketing Secrets and
I Promise to include every single one of my private lead sources that myself and all of my personal successful partners are using to generate the incomes you will see throughout this site...so you can see EXACTLY how I put my offer directly in front of BUYERS...not just "leads".

I have a vested interest in you making as much money as possible because the more money you make, the more money WE both make as a team.

You will be my silent partner and I will be closing all sales on your behalf as your Success Coach! Every time I make a sale for you, you'll receive a commission ranging anywhere from $1500 up to $15,750 per sale just like my Success Partners below are receiving!
To Your Success,
~ Coach Ben ~
Lifestyle Coach
Mentor To Millionaires
Million Dollar Earner & Top Trainer 
Check Out What A Few Of My Team Members Have To Say!
“Working with this system and Coach Robert has been incredible. I’m learning new techniques everyday to achieve my financial goals and grow my cash flow. I foresee leaving the corporate rat race very soon.” Michelle, FL
“I love the concept of people helping people. This program is simple to use and understand. Even a beginner like me can succeed with this automated approach and Coach Robert's step by step instruction.” George, DE
“I want to say thank you to Coach Robert for introducing me to this opportunity. After being in the home business industry and seeing what works and what doesn’t after years of trial an error… I finally found something that is easy and profitable!” Katt, NY
✅ We Have Made This As Easy As It Can Be Because There Is No Selling, No Explaining, We Close All Of The Sales For You Making This The Ultimate Hands Free Income Machine!

✅ You Join and Plug into one of our "Done For You" Advertising Packages to drive visitors to the website you're on right now.

✅ Our Marketing System Generates Leads For You and a Success Coach Will Handle All Inquiries and Enroll each Prospect

✅ You Receive $1500 all the way up to $15,750 delivered to you for every sale a Success Coach makes on your behalf

✅ That's It!! No Learning Complicated Marketing Formulas

✅ No Phone Calls - No Chasing - Simple, Easy, Rewarding, Plus ALL of the Money You've Ever Wanted
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~ Coach Ben ~
Lifestyle Coach
Mentor To Millionaires
Million Dollar Earner & Top Trainer